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Avoiding the Fatal Flush

  • By The Radiant Team

You can’t even imagine the things that plumbers have cleared out of toilets! Yes, we know how convenient it is to flush your q-tip, cotton ball, or baby wipe down the toilet. It’s quick, easy, and all it takes is one push down of a lever. While this may seem like a good alternative to […]

The Quick Fix to Hard Water Residue in Your Shower

  • By The Radiant Team

Is your shower spouting less water than usual? It may be due to blockage in your shower head and connected faucet. Considering our geographic location, Austin homes and businesses experience a greater occurrence of hard water in their plumbing systems. What is Hard Water? Hard water is when the water in your plumbing contains harsh […]

Choosing the Right Water Treatment System 101

  • By The Radiant Team

Let’s face it, water is one of the most essential substances on earth needed to sustain human life. Over 85% of the US is subjected to hard water, therefore, it’s no wonder that more homeowners are choosing to install a water treatment system. There are a multitude of options and knowing the difference between them […]

Can AC Make You Smarter?

  • By admin

Here in Central Texas we rely on air conditioning to make basic, day-to-day life bearable when the weather heats up. Have you ever stepped outside during the summer and said to yourself, “Ew! It’s so hot — I can’t think!” And then went inside and cranked up the AC? How Summer Temperature Affects You Well, […]

Smart Thermostats: Make Your Home as Efficient as You

  • By The Radiant Team

While we would all prefer to save a few dollars on our energy bill, turning your AC on in the Texas heat is inevitable. Many homeowners have upgraded to programmable thermostats which can help reduce those costs by inputting a simple schedule, but what about those of us who don’t have a simple, set schedule? […]

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