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As Central Texas’ leading heating and cooling company, we specialize in expert furnace repair and replacement. With thousands of successful installations across the region, our experienced technicians provide top-notch service, ensuring your home’s warmth and comfort. Trust us for reliable, efficient furnace solutions. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for homeowners seeking dependable furnace services. Choose us with confidence for all your furnace repair and replacement needs.

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At Radiant, we set new benchmarks in home care excellence. From your first call to our final follow-up, our expert technicians are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and earning your trust with every step.

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Since 1999, homeowners in Central Texas have relied on Radiant for top-tier plumbing and HVAC solutions. Our longstanding presence in Austin and San Antonio underpins our deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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At Radiant, we believe in solving your problems without pushing unnecessary services. Our transparent pricing and honest service approach are why thousands of customers have trusted us for over two decades, celebrating our integrity in countless reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home furnace?

A home furnace system is a central heating unit that provides warmth to a residential space, especially crucial during colder months. It works by blowing heated air through ducts that deliver warm air to rooms throughout the house via air registers or grills. This system is typically powered by natural gas, electricity, oil, or propane.

The furnace heats the air by burning the fuel in a combustion chamber or using electrical coils. The heated air is then distributed through the home’s ductwork. Besides heating, furnaces also play a crucial role in circulating and filtering indoor air, contributing to improved air quality.

Furnaces come in different types, including single-stage, two-stage, and variable-speed models, offering varying levels of efficiency and control over the heating process. The choice of a furnace depends on factors like the size of the home, climate, energy efficiency, and budget. A well-maintained furnace not only provides comfort but also operates efficiently, leading to energy savings and a longer lifespan of the system.

Regular maintenance of your furnace is essential for its effective and long-lasting operation, especially in Texas. Annual servicing is recommended to ensure efficiency, safety, and to prevent costly repairs. By joining our Radiant Care Club, homeowners can easily manage the upkeep of their furnace as part of a comprehensive maintenance plan. This plan covers not just the furnace but all home heating and cooling systems, offering a convenient solution for year-round comfort. Our expert service ensures your systems are always running at their best, providing peace of mind and enhancing the longevity of your furnace. Trust in our expertise for all your heating and cooling needs.

A typical home furnace usually lasts between 15 to 20 years, although this can vary based on the type of furnace, how well it has been maintained, and the frequency of its use. Factors like the quality of the installation and the brand can also impact its lifespan. Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in extending a furnace’s life; well-maintained furnaces are more likely to reach or even exceed their expected lifespan. Conversely, neglected furnaces may fail sooner. To maximize the lifespan of your furnace, it’s important to have it serviced annually by a professional, ensure filters are changed regularly, and address any repairs promptly. Investing in routine maintenance can significantly contribute to the efficiency and longevity of your furnace.

Yes, you can improve the efficiency of your existing furnace with several steps:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Annual professional servicing ensures your furnace operates at peak efficiency. This includes cleaning and inspecting burners, fans, and filters.

  2. Change Air Filters Regularly: Dirty filters restrict airflow and reduce efficiency. Changing them every 1-3 months can significantly improve performance.

  3. Upgrade Thermostat: Installing a programmable or smart thermostat can optimize heating schedules, reducing unnecessary furnace operation and saving energy.

  4. Seal Ductwork: Leaky ducts can lose a lot of heated air. Sealing and insulating ducts can improve the efficiency of the air distribution system.

  5. Improve Home Insulation: Enhancing insulation in your home keeps warm air inside and reduces the heating load on your furnace.

  6. Furnace Tune-Up: Regular tune-ups can address minor issues that, if ignored, might reduce efficiency over time.

  7. Reduce Air Leaks: Sealing gaps around doors, windows, and other areas can minimize heat loss, allowing your furnace to work more efficiently.

These steps not only improve furnace efficiency but also extend its lifespan, reduce energy bills, and maintain a comfortable home environment. Remember, while some tasks like filter replacement are DIY-friendly, others, especially those involving furnace components, should be performed by qualified technicians.

Boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps each serve distinct heating functions with unique mechanisms. Boilers, operating on various fuels, heat water and circulate it through radiators or pipes for even warmth. Furnaces, powered by gas, oil, propane, or electricity, use combustion to generate heat and distribute it through ducts. Heat pumps, reliant on electricity, transfer heat between indoors and outdoors. The choice among these systems depends on factors like fuel availability, climate, and homeowner preferences. Factors such as efficiency, distribution methods, and overall suitability for specific heating needs play a crucial role in making the right decision. At Radiant Plumbing and Air, we specialize in servicing, installing, and repairing all these heating systems. Contact us for tailored solutions aligning with your home’s heating requirements.