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The #1 Solution for Preventing Roots in Your Drains [WATCH]

  • By Odalis Suarez

The root of the problem is the root! Well, at least when it comes to the drains that circulate throughout your home. Roots that grow underneath your property have the potential to cause line breakages and/or blockages. This results in the return of waste and contaminants (black water) to your property. Drains Service Manager, Chris […]

Why is There a Toilet in Our Window?

  • By admin

Back in 2007, when Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning first moved into our historic 2908 San Gabriel location, our founder, Brad Casebier was inspired to put something plumbing-related in the north-facing window to show off our services. There happened to be a toilet handy, so he tossed that toilet in the window and went for […]

Introducing Toilet Karts, the Next Addition to our Toilet Vehicle Lineup

  • By admin

When we first started designing the Toilet Wakeboard that’s been featured recently, we couldn’t help but brainstorm other ways of fashioning a toilet to various means and devices of mobility. Our newest creation dubbed the “Toilet Kart,” will take toilet-related sports to an entirely new level. Whether it’s gliding on the waves as a functioning […]

Check Out Our Next Adventure: Toilet Karts!

  • By admin

While I was floating on Lake Austin, watching our guys try to wakeboard on a toilet, I began to think, “What else could we do with a toilet that we shouldn’t?” Toilet karts were the next obvious thought. I promise you that it was not the last or the only idea, but it was definitely […]

Finding A Creative Way to Beat the Heat: Wakeboarding Toilet!

  • By admin

A few weeks ago, while the team here at Radiant Plumbing was out on the boat enjoying a hot summer day, we had an idea that could help us beat the heat and change the way that people think about toilets forever. Toilets are a basic thing. We take them and their function for granted, […]

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