Heating & Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps

Too Cool? Pump Up the Heat.

Want to stay warm without breaking the bank? For many of our customers across central Texas, heat pumps are a great answer. These highly efficient heating systems capture pre-existing heat in the air or ground outside and harness it for use inside your home.

Local Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are super efficient, and reliable, but not immune to wear-and-tear or breakdowns. When you need heat pump service, Radiant is your go-to source for expert help.

New Heat Pump Installation

Ready to add a heat pump to your house? We can help.

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Heater Repair

Old heater having a little trouble? Time for a new unit? Whatever you need, we’re here.

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Emergency Services

When something out of the ordinary happens, call our extraordinary team of experts for 24/7 service.

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Benefits of Choosing a Heat Pump

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps are often a superior option for home heating, offering an unmatched combination of:

  • Relative cost savings
  • Low energy consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable indoor temperature management
  • Non-fuel burning heat generation
  • Greener than gas burning furnaces

Consistent 5-Star Service

Thousands of customers across central Texas give our best-in-class service a 5-star review. See for yourself why Radiant has been voted the best in heat pump service and repair.

Trust Radiant’s Heat Pump Experts

Get your home’s heat pump serviced regularly. Don’t wait for the costly repairs that come when your unit:

  • Makes odd noises
  • Generates no heat
  • Won’t sufficiently heat desired areas
  • Won’t turn on or off

For simple, same-day, or emergency repairs, we’re your source for reliable heat pump maintenance in Austin and San Antonio.