How Can Water Softening Improve Life in Your Home?

Hard water is a common problem that will affect over 85% of water in the United States alone. It’s called hard water for a good reason— it contains increased levels of minerals compared to soft water, namely calcium and magnesium. Though perhaps not initially seeming like much of a concern, hard water can result in the following consequences: pipe and water heater damage, rougher laundry, spottier dishware, and skin and eye irritation. It can really make life in your home much more uncomfortable if you allow it to persist over time.

Fortunately, Radiant Plumbing is here to help you by providing the perfect solution: water softening in Davenport! Our water softening solutions will give you clean, clear water that won’t put the health of you or your family at risk. We can install one in your home quickly so you’re not wasting another moment with hard water. When you enlist Radiant Plumbing to assist you, your water will be crystal clear in no time!

Residential Water Softening: 4 Ways It Helps You

Radiant Plumbing had a wide selection of water softening systems for you to choose from. One of our main goals is to see you with clean water for all purposes. Our water softening systems can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Less Damage to Pipes: One of the more devastating effects of hard water is the damage it can bring to your pipes. The minerals in hard water will soon eat away at your pipe makeup, leading to a higher chance of leaks or rusting. Water softening will instead give you water that won’t jeopardize your pipes and prevent you from having to spend money on extensive pipe repair.
  • Improved Health: Exposure to hard water may result in skin and eye irritation that will leave you scratching all over. In addition, drinking water with higher levels of calcium and magnesium can be result in some long-term health consequences. Fortunately, with water softening, you’ll be able to drink a refreshing glass of water or take a warm, relaxing shower without ever having to worry about how it will impact your health!
  • Cleaner Laundry and Dishes: You need laundry and dishes absolutely clean if you expect to live in your home comfortably, but hard water can make this impossible. Water softening will preserve both your laundry and dishes by keeping hard water far, far away!
  • Great, All-Round Money-Saving: It’s not just pipe repair bills you’ll need to pay. Hard water will also waste a considerable amount of water that could’ve been used for other purposes had it remained soft. If you want to keep water bills down to a minimum, installing a water softening system in your home is just what you need to save a few extra bucks!

Contact Radiant Plumbing today if you need water softening in Davenport and we will happily install a system in your home!