Ask Our Austin Plumber: How Can You Save Water in Your Home?

As our Austin plumber can gladly tell you, long showers and running faucets can really make those water bills pile up and if you’re not careful, then your jaw will hit the floor once you get a good glimpse at monthly water costs. Water conservation is key to a happier home and more effective plumbing, especially when your fixtures are so reliant on water. Of course, there is more to water conservation than just lower water bills. Saving water means you’ll have more water for a longer period of time throughout the season for you and the entire family!

At Radiant Plumbing, our Austin plumber will be happy to help you save water in your home this year. We know just how daunting it can be to pay off mounting water bills, and we want to make sure you have plumbing in your home that guarantees you’ll worry less about wasting money. Plus, in addition to giving you advice, we can offer any installation, repair, and replacement that will remedy your water problems!

Helpful Water-Saving Tips

Not sure how exactly to go about saving water this season? Please take note of the following advice:

  • Check for Faucet Leaks: You may think a faucet leak isn’t that big of a deal, but did you know you’re wasting up to thousands of gallons of water if you don’t get it fixed? If you suspect your leaky faucet is the main reason your water bills are rising, give it an inspection and call a professional for any repair or replacement you may need.
  • Shorter Shower Times: Sometimes, the best way to relax is by taking a relaxing shower, but you don’t want to spend time in the shower too long! A lengthier shower is exactly the sort of thing that will cause those water bills to skyrocket. Divide 10 minutes between each shower to give a heater a rest, if more than one person in your household needs one. A 4 minute shower will only use between 20 and 40 gallons of water.
  • Deep Soak Your Lawn: If you want to save water while also preserving your lawn’s green grass, deep  soak your lawn the next time you decide to do some watering. Deep soaking your lawn will allow moisture to sink deeply into your roots. Light sprinklings will only waste water and may not even prove effective in preserving your lawn.
  • Locate Your Shut-Off Valve: In the event of a pipe burst or any other significant water loss, it’s important to know where your shut-off valve is located. The valve in your home is usually located in the basement or attic, although cities will tend to have a valve located in the street. A shut-off valve can save you from wasting hundreds of gallons of water when you need it the most!

Contact Radiant Plumbing today to learn more on how you can save water in your home from our Austin plumber!

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