Are You Tired of Bad Water?

Tired of Bad Water? I love central Texas, but there is one universal problem we all suffer from here. BAD WATER! Everyone has hard water, that is just a given. Some of the outlying well water folks have a really nice sulfur smell. Isn’t that nice? Around the greater Austin area, there are several smaller water providers that can get you safe water, but it is just gross. Super strong chlorine, and so much mineral that you can almost stand a spoon up in it. You can’t even cook with it, or make coffee without the funk coming through in your finished product. Is it bothering you? I suspect it is. Do you drink the water out of your faucet?Almost every person I talk to really doesn’t like to drink the tap water. It just doesn’t taste good.

Are you happy with the way your dishes, faucets, and shower doors are looking?

It takes a lot of work to keep things looking good with the nasty water we have here.

How do you feel about drinking chlorine, and all the other chemicals every day?

Again, if given the choice, everyone I know would drink bottled water every time they had the option. The truth is, people really don’t trust that our water is pure. I am not suggesting that it isn’t. America has some of the best, safest water in the world, and yet bottled water is a 15 BILLION dollar industry in America alone!

Did you know that all of your appliances that use water are dying a quick death due to this water?

Your coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker, water heater… all theses things are choking down with minerals, and they will without a doubt die a premature death due to the strain caused by hard water.

The good news is, We can Fix it! There is not a one size fits all fix for bad water. Every area and every customer have different needs. Just give us a call, and we will come right out.

We offer filtration, softening, reverse osmosis, descaling, sediment filters, and anything else you can think of to solve your water problem.

This article is REALLY GOOD.   If you have time, Tapped is an amazing video telling a story about the bottled water industry in America. It is really an eye opener. Another interesting story from Wikipedia… Bottled water ban in Bundanoon In 2009, the New South Wales town of Bundanoon voted to become the first town in the world to outlaw bottled water.[36] Its citizens voluntarily chose to ban bottled water in response to a bottling company’s desire to sell water from the town’s local aquifer.[37] The initiative was proposed by local businessman Huw Kingston and carried out by the grassroots organization name Bundy On Tap (the name is a pun which refers to Bundaberg, an Australian brand of rum which is sometimes served as a pre-mixed draught). In a community meeting of 356 of the town’s 2,500 residents, all but one voted in favor of the ban,[34] prohibiting the selling or dispensing of bottled water within the town precinct.[38]Bundanoon’s six stores have removed bottled water from their stock. The town now offers public drinking fountains and filtered water dispensers where people can fill up reusable water bottles and canteens. The reusable empty bottles are sold in place of full bottles in the local stores. Bundanoon’s bold stand against bottled water’s damaging effects on the environment and on communities has thrust it into a global spotlight. Bundanoon has caught the attention of many other cities around the world who soon could have similar policies.[34][39] The decision to ban bottled water came partly from opposition to the proposed bottling plant, and partly from opposition to the environmental and health impacts. There is skepticism that singling out bottled water is necessarily the best option, as there is a worry that soda will be purchased more frequently in place of bottled water because of the convenience the disposable bottle offers.[34]

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