Ask a Plumber in Austin: Why Should You Get Rid of Hard Water in Water Heaters?

Breaking news: Hard water is invading water heaters in homes everywhere, and it’s time for a plumber in Austin to come to the rescue! Hard water can lead to some health consequences if’s not treated immediately, and you certainly don’t want to place the health and safety of you and your family at risk! However, there are ways you can stop it from ruining your home’s plumbing, and all it takes is a phone call to Radiant Plumbing and we’ll send a professional to your doorstep immediately!

At Radiant Plumbing, we understand the hot water in your home should be refreshing and free of any contaminants at all times.  Our plumber in Austin work hard to ensure residents can enjoy hot water without the looming threat of hard water to ruin their good time. Know the dangers of hard water so you can live without fear, stop the invasion of hard water, and enjoy your water heater to its fullest extent!

What Does Our Plumber in Austin Have to Say?

Our plumber in Austin won’t stand for hard water invading water heaters.  While hard water may not appear like much of a concern, it’s not anything to take lightly. Here’s some dangers of hard water you should know:

  • Cloudy, Murky Water: You know you’ve got hard water when the water is cloudy and murky in its consistency. This is largely due to the makeup of calcium and magnesium hydroxide, which is soluble in water.  Cloudy, murky water can make your next shower or round of dish washing a bit more difficult as total cleanliness when washing with hard water isn’t guaranteed.
  • Stickiness: Due to hard water’s chemical makeup, it can actually stick to water pipes and lead to a higher chance of drain clogs, which can only make you spend more money on drain cleaning service. It can also create problems with sinks, baths, toilets, and shower heads. This can leave toilets, sinks, and baths to overflow and creating a huge mess no homeowner in Austin wants to deal with.
  • Potential Illness: Regular consumption of hard water can lead to members of your household become sick. Hard water in moderation can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and general fatigue. It’s best to eliminate the threat of hard water before the members of your household are worse for wear. Water softeners can make water healthier to consume and replenish the body instead of depleting it of nutrients.

Contact Radiant Plumbing today for a plumber in Austin to rid hard water from your water heater for good!

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