Washing Machine Drain Line Clogged in Austin, TX

If your washing machine hose drains into a laundry stand pipe located in the wall, fixing a clog is simple. Just shut off the water, remove the hose, clear the clog with a coat hanger or a small plumbing snake, and put the hose back on.

However, if your drain goes to the vent piping on your roof, you should never try to take care of this type of job on your own. Not only can this be dangerous, it will be extremely difficult because your snake will very likely not clear the trap that is located in the wall. Also, the snake will probably not be long enough to reach the clog in the first place.

Always leave this kind of work to a professional. If you attempt it and make a mistake, you could be very seriously injured or cause a great deal of damage that will be extremely expensive to replace.

Make the safe choice and call Radiant at (512) 772-5082 if you have a washing machine drain that goes to your roof’s vent piping.