Pressure Regulator Valve Replacement in Austin, TX

One of our customers to tell us that his water pressure was low. When he turned on the water, the pressure would immediately drop from 60 psi to 20. When he turned it off, the pressure would return to 60 psi. We replaced a ¾-inch pressure regulator valve and solved the problem.

The water pressure regulator brings down the level of water pressure as it enters your home from the municipal line. It is a very important device because too much pressure can damage your fixtures and cause a great many plumbing problems. It is typically located at the area where the main plumbing line comes into your home after your main shut-off valve. The valve works through spring-loaded diaphragm that constricts incoming water and releases it at a reduced pressure.

If you notice significant pressure fluctuations or water hammering, those are signs that you will need your valve replaced by a professional. It is a good idea to have your water pressure tested on a yearly basis so you can make sure your plumbing systems are not under too much strain.

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