Recirculate It!

I love to turn on a faucet and have hot water instantly. I had a recirculating hot water system in my last house near Spicewood and have missed it ever since moving. There is no going back after you have had the instant experience. But what about all that energy soaking into the ground? I am right there with you. You are going to be spending quite a few extra dollars spinning hot water around your home 24-7. You may have noticed the warm spots on your floor. Now I am a big fan of radiant floor heat, but not in the summer!

(enter uplifting music)

You can have it all! Taco D’Mand This system used motion detectors to turn on your pump when you are in the room that is to be used. After the water makes its loop back to the heater, it shuts down.

This system works great with a tankless water heater and does not reduce the tankless heaters warranty.

Instant comfort, save energy, and save water.

We are fans of the Taco Pumps. They have a long running life, and they are easy for the plumber to repair.

If your plumber has not piped your home with a recirculating pump, there are after market systems that can get you the instant hot water that you need. Grundfos  has a pump system that is perfect for the retrofit without cutting sheetrock.

One of our service plumbers can come out to your house and asscess  your particular needs.

(FYI: Sarah and I are in the process of designing a new home that will probably be in West Austin, Lakeway or back to the Pedernales river area. I will keep you posted on the kickin’ plumbing systems that we will be using)

If you are having a home built in Austin, your inspector should be be watching your plumber for you. On the off chance you are in the county, make sure that your plumber is insulating your recirculating lines. The heat loss can be staggering. I intend to use 1″ thick wall insulation on my house.

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