Leaking Toilet = Huge Water Waste

I came across the City of Austin’s water conservation page today and found their ideas very helpful. Here is the link:

After reading the tips, I was curious to find out how much water could be lost by a leaking toilet. You would think I would be up on this already! I was astonished to find out that a single toilet can waste hundreds of gallons per day.


So how do you know if you have a leaking flapper? Here are some simple steps:

1.)Put some food coloring or dye tablets into the tank.

2.)Wait 10 minutes and check to see if the color has appeared in the toilet bowl. If it has, you probably have a bad flapper.

In that case, a flapper replacement should do the trick. If the problem is more serious, the City of Austin has a great toilet rebate program and will give you $150 back on certain models that is on their list.

Give us a call, and an experienced service plumber will come out ,and help you pick a great toilet. What ever you do, don’t wait on that toilet repair!

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