Plumbing Repairs You Can Do. #1 Slow Lavatory Drain.

Easy Plumbing Repairs You Can Do. #1 Slow Lavatory Drain. Check your pop up assembly for hair clogs. If you look under the lavatory there is a chrome rod that extends out the back of the drainpipe.

This lift rod is held on by a nut. If you remove the nut you can pull out the lift rod, and remove the plunger. This is something that I can normally do without tools. If the nut is too tight for your fingers, use pliers.

The plunger should then lift right out hairballs and all. When you put it back together, you don’t need to get too tight with the nut. You should only have moderate tension on your lift rod. If that doesn’t fix your drain, give us a call. You may have a more serious problem. We will get a plumber out there, and help you out. Radiant Plumbing Service Austin, Texas


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