Preventative Maintenance vs. Excavation and Repair: Austin Plumbers Weigh In

Many of our drain cleaning clients have experienced firsthand the value of signing up for a preventative drain maintenance program with Radiant Plumbing. When it comes to drains, preventative maintenance entails the regular cabling or, in some cases, water jetting of your pipe with the aim of stopping a clog or backup before it starts.

As our drain cleaning professionals come to know your home and the intricacies of its plumbing, the frequency of cabling will depend on a specific pipe’s past conditions and will typically differ from line to line. This is to be expected—some drain lines in your home get used more often than others. For example, the toilet line in a guest bathroom may need cabling only once a year, while a more heavily used kitchen sink line could benefit from up to four cablings a year.

The problem with ongoing drain maintenance is that if the owner becomes neglectful, any lurking issues can become much worse very quickly. When the customer reaches the point where their drains have become so problematic that they are scheduled for preventative maintenance two or more times a year, we will usually suggest attaching one of our state-of-the-art cameras to the cable in order to determine the exact nature of the problem and perhaps provide for a more long term solution than cabling.

The client has key questions to answer when looking at longer term drain cleaning solutions:

  1. How much longer does the client intend to live in the home? Use that number of years to factor into maintenance vs. repair/replacement cost analysis.
  2. If the client plans to sell in the near future, how much value will they stand to gain by fixing the problematic sewer? Homeowner disclosure laws prohibit keeping these sorts of issues secret from prospective buyers.
  3. Does the nature of the drain backups threaten the home itself? Are they so backed up, the lines have become a constant overflow or flood risk?

Whether you decide your home needs short term or long term drain cleaning services, we have the team, experience and equipment to get the job done to your satisfaction. Call Radiant Plumbing today to learn more about our preventative drain maintenance plan!

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