Dangers of a Prolonged Water Leak in Austin

Home’s Structural Damage at Risk if Leak Left Unattended

Part of being a homeowner is dealing with the plumbing that comes along with the house. That means clogs, leaks, broken pipes, pipe replacements, and more. And sometimes, those things are not visible to the naked eye.

You’ll know you have a clog when your plumbing fixtures are backed up, right? Unfortunately problems like leaks are not as easily detectable. Sometimes you’ll notice the damage a leak does on your home, instead of noticing the leak itself.

In many cases you will notice a higher than normal water bill or weak spots on your floor. If the leak is prolonged, however, you’ll see some more significant damages.

Dangers of Hidden Water Leaks

  1. Water leaks put your home’s structural elements at risk. They weaken the wooden beams and other structural elements, and could even cause them to collapse.
  2. Your home’s finish could be ruined. It doesn’t matter what type of finish you have – plaster, drywall, paint, or wallpaper – water leaks leave a stain that’s nearly impossible to remove.
  3. Even the tiniest bit of moisture can cause mold to grow in the tight confines of your walls or floors. The spores that grow with the mold will travel through your ventilation system and put you and your family’s respiratory health at risk.
  4. If you have a leak in your sewer line that goes unnoticed for too long, it can cause a real messy headache for you. We’ll admit – these leaks are tough to find because of their location. But, if you have even the smallest inclination that your sewer main line is leaking, you need to call in a Radiant Plumbing technician as soon as possible. We can repair it for you, so you don’t have any of that sewage getting into, or smelling up, your home.
  5. There are numerous electrical wires and plugs that are built in or connected to the wall. If you have a leak that’s traveling down a wall in your home, chances are the water and electricity will meet. Since we all know that those two things don’t mix well, it’s not safe to leave a leak lingering. You don’t want a family member to come in contact with an electrical outlet or plug and get shocked.

For immediate assistance with your water leak, call Radiant Plumbing today!

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