Pipe Repair vs. Replacement: Which Will You Need in Your Austin Home?

Constant Repairs Are Not Cost-Effective; Replacement a Better Option

You have two options: You can either repair the problem you are having with your pipes, or you can replace them. The obvious choice may seem like repair, but in some cases a replacement is actually the best thing you could do.

So, how will you know? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

You Will Need a Repair If:

  1. There is scale building up on your pipe’s interior. This build up can cause clogs and eventually result in the pipe’s lining to thin out. This is something that unfortunately just happens to pipes over time, but it can be pretty easily remedied with a simple cleaning.
  2. You have a leak. In many cases, a leak can be fixed with a method called cured-in-place-piping. This involves applying an epoxy lining to the interior of the pipe. That lining installs a new leak resistant pipe to save you from problems in the future.
  3. Tree roots have infiltrated your line. Yes – this can happen. Pipes hold the three things roots need to survive – water, nutrients, and oxygen. They will find their way in through the smallest little cracks and grow until they clog your pipes and cause them to leak. We get rid of these pests by water jetting your line. We send high pressurized water into your pipes which completely clears all obstructions.

You Should Get a Replacement If:

  1. Any of the above reasons have caused prolonged damage. Not every leak will be cost-efficient to repair, and sometimes tree roots can so badly damage the line that it would be better off for you to just replace it. Don’t worry, though. Radiant Plumbing will help you determine what the best option is!
  2. You are calling in constant repairs. Pipes that need frequent work done on them are not at their top efficiency. You spend lots of money on repair work, when you could just spend an outright cost to have them replaced. You will have newer and sturdier pipes, putting any potential for leaks or problems at rest.
  3. You have Orangeburg piping in your home. If you are unsure if you have this type of piping, you should have a plumber check for you. They are unreliable, and are common reasons for pipe failure.
  4. Your home was built between 1970 and 1990. Many homes built in that time frame had polybutylene pipes installed that have been proven to be prone to breaking. You are far better off getting new ones put in.
  5. Your home was built in the 1900s. Without even knowing it, you could be at risk for lead poisoning. Many homes built that long ago have lead pipes, and you don’t want your family exposed to that.

Whether you need a repair, or a replacement, Radiant Plumbing is here for you. Call us today!

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