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dishwasher improvement by radiant plumbing

How is Your Dishwasher Working?

Just like most red-blooded Americans, we have chores at my house. A few weeks ago I noticed that the dishes were coming out looking pretty grim. Then began the interrogations, accusations, and supplemental training. Turns out, there was more to the story this time than a lazy teenager doing a halfhearted job. They went, and […]

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Austin disaster relief fund by Radiant

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Austin Disaster Relief Network had boots on the ground the day the fires started in the Greater Austin area and has continued to assist the fire victims. By setting up an effective communication infrastructure with local churches, businesses and individuals they have been quick to respond to the needs of those affected by the disaster. They […]

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water and how we can save gallons of it for free

Help Us Save 3,000,000 Gallons of Water a Month.

  Will you let us put a new flapper on the flush valve of your toilet?   You know, the one that starts running when it shouldn’t? We’ll do it for free. The drought of 2011 has reached a critical stage and a running toilet can use as much as 200 gallons per day. Let’s assume the average is […]

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Caring Family Network

We had a great opportunity to make a charitable donation to the Caring Family Network. This group really impressed us with their commitment to finding great homes for foster children. One of our awesome plumbers David Campise and his wife are foster parents that work with Caring Family Network. They are an awesome couple that has […]

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Do You Know Who is Peeing on Your Air Conditioner?

In Austin, our air conditioners brave the outdoors year-round. We expect them to withstand the scorching heat of the Summer and the freezing cold of the Winter. But what if your air conditioner faces a different threat? And worse, what if it’s an inside job. The Unlikely Culprit If your Austin air conditioner is accessible […]

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