New Federal Water Heater Regulations Take Affect April 15th

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is changing the efficiency standards for water heaters across the country. Manufacturers will no longer be able to sell the current models, meaning that you will no longer be able to find a direct replacement if your water heater breaks down.

So What Does this Mean for Austin Homeowners?

The end result of the new water heater regulations is only upgraded water heaters will be available starting on April 15th. Unfortunately, the new water heaters will cost up to 35% more and are up to 2” wider and taller than the old models. This increase in size is due to the regulation changes that demand more insulation in each device.

Taking all this into consideration, we recommend replacing your old water heating before the deadline hits. In the long run, this will most likely be the most cost-effective option.

6 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement Anyway

We stress purchasing a new water heater before the deadline even more if your current device is starting to act its age. If it’s doing things like:

  1. Making loud, unusually noises
  2. Pooling water on the surrounding floor
  3. Insufficiently heating water
  4. Turning your water a rust-color 
  5. Omitting foul odors

You may also want to consider a water heater replacement if your past warranty is older than 6 years. Especially in our Austin area because the hardness of the water takes more of a toll on any plumbing equipment, meaning the lifespan of a water heater is even lower.

Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater

You may also want to consider enhancing your home by going the tankless water heater route. They already meet the new regulations since don’t need to store water at a constant temperature. These devices also provide you and your family with endless hot water in any area of the house, meaning no more cold showers!

Regardless of what you choose to do, our water heater replacement experts are available for your questions or concerns 24/7.

Call us today to find the right new water heater for your home before April 15!