Drain Pipe Repair in Austin

A backed up drain can be a pain. Not knowing what the problem is or where. On top of the inconvenience, standing water caused by a clogged drain is a health issue. Whatever is causing the backup is deep and impassable. The plunger won’t budge it and repeated uses of chemical drain cleaner will damage the pipe. Snaking is effective only when the blockage is local. Reaching too far into the pipe system could damage the line.

Potential Causes of Clogging

Toilet clogs: Localized to below the toilet in the pipes often cured with a plunger.

Kitchen drain clogs: Often garbage disposals won’t remedy the clog and it becomes impossible to wash dishes in backed up dirty water.

Clogged shower drain: In order to properly clear up clogs caused by hair and soap scum, a plumbing professional will use a toolbox full of remedies and knowledge to provide a clear path for soapy water.

Clogged sewer: This can present a dangerous and serious issue; don’t attempt to clear the blockage alone, contact a plumber immediately. Roots could be the culprit but only a professional will know for sure.

Basement drain clog: Water damage from a clog in the basement drains can leave a foul odor and permanent stains. Often these pipes are not tied into the sewage system so the issue might lie under the basement slab.

Cracked and Broken Pipes

If the line is damaged, a simple repair won’t be enough. Slip lining is the technique where a technician installs the new pipe through the old line. The other alternative is excavation, which leads to a torn apart yard.

Without the technology of pipeline cameras another tools, it is impossible to know for sure what exactly is preventing water from flowing freely into the main sewer line or tank. Blindly pouring down harmful chemicals will only add to the stress. Where there is a cause there is an effect and a trained plumbing professional can remedy the situation quickly and correctly.

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