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I GOT IT UNCLOGGED!!!! A random toilet clog, or a Kitchen sink is probably nothing to loose sleep over, but if it’s a little more than “random” you may have a real issue that we can take care of for you. A simple unclog of just about any fixture will normally run between $131.00 to $250.00. Drains are a great thing when they are working correctly. This integral part of your life that you never think about can sure ruin your day when things start to back up. The good news is with modern piping, and a proper installation, you could have a lifetime of clear drains, but life being what it is, you may not. Over time, there are a few things that can go wrong to the best of systems. Trees can grow around your drain line, and the roots can lift, push, squeeze, and pull your drain line, causing all sorts of problems. Central, South, and North East Austin all suffer from expansive soil. As rains come, or don’t, the dirt in your yard is heaving up and down on a regular basis. This can cause the intended fall that the pipe should have (we call it grade) to flatten out or even belly. This will cause all sorts of clogs. That same expansive soil will also be moving your foundation. And of that is bad enough in itself, a few tons of concrete heaving up and down on your pipes aren’t doing them any favors.


But before I let up on what seems like a lot of bad news, lets not forget old pipes. Cast Iron pipe, once the mainstay (and bane to plumber’s bad backs) was the primary option that was used on all indoor drain piping. There was a little galvanized, lead and copper pipe used, but the bulk of the older drain systems are piped in cast iron. Cast iron pipe isn’t all bad. We come into a lot of systems where it is holding up nicely. But over time in direct burial applications corrosion seems to get the better of it. First a little leak, then a little roots, and finally one big clogged mess! There are a few other “special” things that we run into out in your yard. If you are in one of the older downtown  homes, you may have clay, orangeburg, or concrete pipe. If we run into these specail products, the City of Austin requires us to not attempt to repair it, but replace it with a modern system with all the required cleanouts.

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