Navien New Tankless Technology

Austin’s newest tankless water heater

When we put in one Rinnai 94lsi (9 GPM) you can run everything in your house with very little noticeable change in pressure. The only fixture that seems to put a dent in overall good flow is the roman tub filler, but really, how often do you fill your big ol’ tub?

We have had great success with the Eternal water heater. They make a pretty advanced piece of  equipment. They have filled the void for the customers that have a recirculating system, but want the efficiency, and luxury of flash heating Now we have the latest, and greatest the Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heater. These bad boys run 98% efficient! That is awesome. The other cool features include, stainless steel heat exchanger (requires little, or no maintenance), built in recirculating pump, Easier venting with standard PVC pipe.Don’t waste more time, or fuel gas. Make the move today, and start saving. This water heater qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Rebate up to $1,500.00. Give us a call, and we will get one of our great plumbers out there so see which water heater will be right for you. Ps. Dear Navien, Your site is way too white. It is killing my eyes, and I can’t see the white tankless water heater images, on a white background. Give us a break, and try a little color. Thanks! Brad Casebier Radiant Plumbing Service Austin, Texas

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