Ask a Radiant Cooling Specialist About Indoor Air Quality

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Live a Better Life and Extend the Use of Your Cooling System

“Indoor air quality is very, very, very important,” says Christian Barlow, our resident air quality specialist.

But why are we talking about air quality? Because here at Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning we care about three things: you, your family, and your air conditioner. Poor indoor air quality not only makes for an uncomfortable living space, but it also significantly decreases the lifespan of your cooling system.

Christian is here to help you understand why.

Facts About Indoor Air Quality and Filtration

Barlow said the key factor about indoor air quality involves filtration. Filtration helps you to live a better life, as it reduces allergens and bacteria within the home, but it also extends the life of your cooling system because it puts less strain on its components.

“If you have lots of dust build up or moisture build up inside the unit, it causes excessive weight on the parts of the system,” Barlow said. This, in turn, results in extra, unnecessary wear and tear on your AC.

Barlow said, “Filtration extends system life by a substantial margin.”

Just how substantial? Well, Barlow said that in the 10% of homes that have proper filtration, he tends to find systems that have been in place for over 30 years.

In the 90% of homes without filtration, however, he’s fixing and replacing systems that have only been installed for 8-10 years.

That’s quite a difference!

Don’t get to thinking filtration is the only way you can keep your unit working for longer. Barlow said preventative maintenance plays a big role as well.

“It will drastically extend the life cycle of that unit as opposed to other systems that don’t have filtration,” he said. “Units can fall apart within the first couple of years.”

Barlow made it a point to extend this warning to homeowners in Austin. Because the air in Austin is so humid, he said, mold growth can be significant without a properly designed and filtered unit.

Improperly Designed Units

Yes, unfortunately poor air quality and system functionality sometimes have to do with an improper initial installation.

In fact, Barlow said, “90% of issues within the first ten years are directly related to install.”

He said that 10% of those issues are manufacturer defects or environmental problems that the homeowner can’t help – like excessive hail. But the rest are due to a bad initial installation.

So, What Does Radiant Suggest You Do?

Barlow said that if a unit is under ten years old, he will tell you to look into your warranty. If you have the paperwork, he said, “I always suggest they go with the warranty and get a replacement from there and get the job corrected.”

Outside of the warranty, though, he said he will provide you with repair options to correct the initial install.  “If that won’t be a solution,” he said, “then we move onto our company doing the replacement.”

Worried about the quality of air inside your home? Call Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning today so Christian and the rest of our team can help!

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