What Do Plumbers Fix?

From lifting your faucet handle to tapping down the flusher to turning those shower knobs, our plumbing is utilized on the daily. When something goes awry, it can disrupt accessibility on those essential amenities you rely on.

When the pipes are leaking or the drains are seeping, your #1 resource is, of course, a plumber!  Check out these top 5 issues that plumbers address:

Leak Repairs

One of the primary services provided by any plumber is repairing plumbing leaks. Plumbers are specially trained to deal with a vast range of leaks and other issues occurring with your pipes. Whether you need to fix a single leak in your system, or your house requires a total re-piping, a professional plumber has the equipment and training to handle it all.

Toilet Repair

Yes, toilets and plumbers go hand in hand. That’s why toilets are often subject to a number of common issues that any plumber is more than capable of repairing. These include problems with flushing, clogging, and overflowing, as well as other frequent issues, such as toilets that are constantly running or emitting unusual noises.

Drain Cleaning

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are relied upon daily, garnering much use. Consequently, they frequently become clogged, requiring repairs or cleanings in order to function as they should. A knowledgeable plumber will have the expertise and tools to get rid of any grime or debris that are keeping your drain from working properly.

Water Heater Services

None of us want to take an ice-cold shower in the morning, which is why many plumbers provide water heater installation and repair services. Additionally, plumbers (more specifically, Radiant plumbers) should also be able to perform furnace replacement, maintenance, and installation.

Sewer Repair

Sewer issues can be unpleasant to deal with. Unusual noises, slow draining, and foul odors can all be a red flag that you should call a plumber to look at your sewer lines. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should arrange for a reputable plumber to come and take a look at your sewer to address the situation right away.

Speaking of a reputable plumber…

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