Water Heater in Austin, TX

Most do-it-yourselfers can handle replacing their own water heater. If you take on this type of job, however, you’ll need to make sure that you are in good shape physically and you have someone to help. Water heaters are extremely bulky and heavy, and if you don’t have someone with you to help remove the old tank and install the new one, you could suffer a pretty serious injury.

Another major consideration is picking the right model for your home. Most water heaters last between 7-10 years or more, so your needs may have changed since the last time you purchased a unit. For example, you may have children who have moved out of the home or you may have new children or others who have moved in. In order to get the most efficiency out of your new unit, it’s important that you have a professional analyze your water usage so you can get the best system possible for your needs.

When the time comes that you need a new water heater, call Radiant at (512) 772-5082 so we can help you pick the one that is right for you.

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