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A customer reported that his hot water heater was leaking. When we arrived we saw substantial corrosion so we recommended an immediate replacement, which he agreed to.

Hot Water Tank Leaking in Austin, TX

There are many reasons that a hot water heater will develop a leak. Sediment in the tank that has accumulated over the years can be one cause, while a loose drain valve can be another. Excessive pressure may be building up in the tank can trigger the pressure release valve and be another source of a leak. If your water looks rust-colored or you notice any sort of odd sounds coming from your water heater, those are signs that you probably need to seriously consider a replacement.

Toilet Clog in Austin, TX

A toilet can clog for many different reasons, but one of the most common is an accumulation of toilet paper. Brands are built to be more durable these days, but that can be a problem when they don’t properly break down within a sewer line. Over time this accumulation can result in a clog.

Tree roots are another common cause of toilet clogs. Roots seek moisture wherever they can find it. If a sewer line has any cracks, you can bet those roots will find the weakness and take advantage. As these roots grow, the cracks get larger and allow more roots to penetrate. Toilet paper and other debris can catch on the roots, resulting in a clog. At Radiant we have powerful tools and equipment to clear the most troublesome obstructions.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On in Austin, TX

We came to this customer’s home and found the reason her air conditioner wasn’t working is that the system’s compressor’s overload device had burned out. The overload keeps the compressor from burning out when it draws too much current. If this happens, the compressor will not work.

There are other times, however, that the problem is a defective capacitor. This device provides the added power that a compressor needs to run. If it fails, the compressor will not be able to operate. Just because you have a compressor problem, that does not automatically mean you have a catastrophic issue.

Call Radiant and we’ll be able to quickly tell you what is going on with your system.