Toilet Overflow in Austin, TX

Whenever this problem occurs, this is the definition of a true plumbing emergency. Not only is it an absolute mess, it can also create a health hazard. Call a plumber as soon as you possibly can if this ever happens to you.

If the overflow will not stop on your own, you will need to find the shut-off valve as soon as possible. You may even need to find the main water shut-off. It is imperative that you know exactly where all of these valves are located throughout your home as well as the main cut-off outside. Label all of them if necessary so that you will be prepared should you ever experience a plumbing emergency. If you are not sure where your shut-offs are located, call Radiant and we can send someone to your home to help.

You then need to remove as much water as possible using a wet-dry vacuum or large towels. Once the mess has been cleaned up, disinfect your bathroom as soon as you can, and as thoroughly as you can.

Don’t hesitate to call Radiant at (512) 772-5082 if you ever have an overflowing toilet. We will arrive as quickly as possible and remove the source of the clog so that your commode once again operates as it should.