Air Conditioner Replacement in Austin, TX

Most air conditioners last around 15 years or so, but there are some rare instances where a unit can keep working for 20 or even 25 years. Eventually, however, air conditioning systems need to be replaced. If that time has come for you, get a professional to help make sure your new system fits your needs.

• If you get a system that is too small, it will have to work too hard in order to make your home comfortable. It will have to cycle on and off so often that it will wear out sooner. It will also make your energy bills go through the roof.

• On the other hand, if an air conditioning system is too large it won’t do a good enough job of removing humidity from your indoor air. As a result, your home will feel clammy and will very likely smell musty as well.

A professional technician can come to your home, perform a detailed analysis of your home’s square footage and cooling needs, and recommend the system that is right for you. Not sure whether or not your unit needs to be replaced? Read this helpful article on “3 Signs that you may need HVAC repair” .

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