Toilet Constantly Running in Austin, TX

Want it to stop? Check the water valve and refill valve assembly

An elderly customer who lived alone called to say her toilet would not stop running. We were able to quickly make the necessary repair and the toilet once again worked as normal.

If you believe the shut-off valve to your toilet is broken, then you’re going to need a professional to come out and fix it. However, if you’re not sure what the cause of this irritating problem is, there are some things you could try to make it stop.

  1. Flush the toilet and open the lid. If the tank is not full, and isn’t filling, chances are the flapper (on the far right of the tank) us stuck open. Reach your hand in and try to close it.
  2. Another reason that your toilet could be constantly running is because the tank is filling, it’s just not filling all the way to the water line. To fix this, check your water valve to ensure it’s on all the way. If it’s not, try turning it completely on and you should see your tank start to fill up. If the refill valve or float are not adjusted correctly, though, the tank may still not fill.
  3. If there is a problem with the refill valve or float, you will have to try adjusting them. There is a chance you may need to replace the refill valve assembly all together.

If you need help with a toilet that’s constantly running or have any toilet troubles at all, call us here at Radiant Plumbing today.