Summer is Here! Time for AC Maintenance in Austin

Temperatures are rising fast and summer will be here before you know it. That’s right—it’s time for AC maintenance in Austin! Before you finish up your spring-cleaning this season, call the experts at Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning! Let Radiant tune-up your AC and prepare it for battle against the hot summer temperatures.

A Properly Maintained AC 

Routine maintenance helps optimize your system’s longevity and efficiency. By replacing and cleaning filters regularly, your system is able to produce clean air and keep pollutants from circulating inside your home. Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils keeps your system from experiencing clogs. These clogs can lead to damages and minimize your device’s effectiveness.

When an AC unit is clogged and dirty it is unable to work quickly. It needs to run longer and harder in order to maintain the desired temperature. This could end up costing you a fortune in energy bills!

An AC tune-up is the best way to prevent a system breakdown during the hot and humid summer. Unfortunately, system breakdowns seem to happen during the most inconvenient time. You need your device to protect your home during a heat wave. If your system is already weak and experiencing minor damages, the extra stress of a heat wave will likely lead to a system failure.

Proper maintenance doesn’t end with your device. The ductwork in your home is also necessary in evenly distributing cool air to each room. This ductwork should also be inspected regularly to check for any leaks that could be inhibiting optimum airflow.

Radiant Is Your Source For Cooling Excellence

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers more than routine AC maintenance, they can also help you repair, replace, and install a device. Their team is available 24/7 with emergency assistance.

But why wait until an emergency strikes? Don’t wait for the next big heat wave to have your system serviced! In this Austin heat, you need an AC you can rely on!

Call Radiant today to schedule your routine AC service!