What’s the Black Ring Around My Toilet?

Black mold around the toilet base

Fall is a time of pumpkin spice and ghostly frights. As you’re decorating, you might notice a spine-chilling sight in the middle of the night… ok we’re done rhyming.

We are talking about a dark ring around the base of your toilet. If you see this, then you are looking at black mold. This is a tell-tale sign that there is a plumbing issue. Central Texas’ warm and sometimes humid climate is exactly the kind of environment black mold needs to thrive. Homeowners in Austin and San Antonio should not ignore signs of mold. 

Where Does The Mold At The Base Of My Toilet Come From?

If you see mold on your bathroom floor and covering the base of your toilet, it usually means one thing. The wax band that seals your toilet at the bottom is leaking. Since black mold thrives in damp environments, a broken wax seal seeps out water from your toilet which fosters its growth. Even if you don’t see puddles on the floor, the small quantities of water escaping through the wax ring is all it takes. A dark ring around the toilet base might not seem like a big deal but it can quickly turn into a serious problem. Black mold can damage your property and pose a health risk to you and your family.

What Can Be Done to Fix My Toilet?

The old, leaking wax band needs to be removed and replaced with a new one. This requires lifting the toilet, applying a new wax ring, and sealing it. The process is simple enough, but requires plumbing expertise. We recommend seeking professional plumbing service to have your toilet’s wax band replaced and resealed. To ensure lasting results, the pipes connected to your toilet will also need to be cleaned. If this crucial step is not performed, water will build up and add extra pressure to the wax ring every time you flush. Next thing you know, mold starts reappearing around the base of your toilet. Plumbing companies like Radiant do not remove mold. If you have suffered property damage as a result of a leak, you will need to contact a mold removal company.

Radiant is Austin and San Antonio’s #1 in plumbing & drain service. We’ve been serving local communities across Central Texas for more than 20 years. Our ever expanding service area covers Austin, San Antonio, and neighborhoods everywhere in between. Address signs of a toilet leak immediately by calling a professional plumbing company like Radiant Plumbing and Air.

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