Kitchen Sink Drain Clog in Austin, TX

If your kitchen sink isn’t draining properly, your first choice may be to pour a liquid cleaner down the drain to dissolve the drain clog. As stated earlier, though, this can actually do damage to your plumbing. You may be able to rent a snake to clear the clog if you can get it far enough down the drain to reach the obstruction.

3 Common Reasons for Clogged Kitchen Sinks



After you make bacon or other greasy foods, what do you do with the leftover liquid that’s in the pan? Probably pour it down the drain, right? Well, while the liquid form of grease won’t directly harm your drain, it will when it turns into a solid. As it solidifies, it sticks to the walls of the drain and catches other falling particles, eventually clogging it right up!

Foreign objects

If you have kids in your home, finding things in places they aren’t supposed to be is a daily occurrence. Once a toy or anything else gets flushed down the kitchen sink, the clog will be evident.

Food in the drain

This is probably, and unsurprisingly, the most common cause of clogged kitchen sinks. If there is any food that’s left on a plate prior to washing it, that food will stick to the drain. The biggest culprits of this are cereal flakes and soft bread particles.

Fix Your Kitchen Sink Drain Clog

Most of the time, the main causes of kitchen sink obstructions are food (if you don’t have a garbage disposal) and grease. Grease can stick to the sides of your drain and accumulate food particles as they go through your plumbing. If you can’t reach the clog, call a plumber. At Radiant, we can send a camera through your drain so that we can find the exact location of the clog. We can then remove it without having to perform any sort of extensive excavation, such as tearing up tiles or plumbing.

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