Killer Kitchens

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One of the best parts of plumbing for me is the kitchen. I love to cook and a comfortable-functional kitchen just makes me happy. I have a few recommendations for you if you are building a new home or renovating yours. First off the kitchen faucet.

If I were going to spend money in one place in my house, it would be this. Grohe has long been my favorite. There are several other premium faucets that will fit the bill. KWC is a Swiss company makes a nice faucet as well. They are a little pricey, but so is the BMW. God bless those European engineers. If you want simular functionality at a lower price, ask our plumbers to show you the Pro Flow line of kitchen faucets. When you are trying to economize I would highly recommend the old standards like Moen and Delta. The parts to repair are easy to obtain. The other thing that I would recommend you seriously consider is to go with an under counter sink. I can to tell you how nice this is. This blows sliced bread out of the water. Clean up is a breeze. I like Stainless steel, but you can put cast iron under as well. One last little thing that is cool is a pot filler. Now, I know you don’t need it. Heck, nobody “needs” it, but it sure is cool! If you get one, Grohe makes the best I have ever installed (believe me we have done a bunch!). There is a more economical (cheaper/simpler) that Rohl makes that I had in my last house. It was a great performer.

Kohler has a fun website to check out as well.

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