How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

With our first major cold snap on the way, I thought I would share some tips on avoiding a frozen pipe disaster!

1.) Insulate any exposed water pipes in crawl spaces and attic. These exposed pipes are the most susceptible to freezing.

2.) If you don’t already know where your homeowner’s emergency water shut off valve is, locate it in the case of emergency.

3.) Turn a trickle of warm water on in a faucet on an outside wall.

4.) Open cabinet doors to uninsulated pipes under sinks to allow heat in.

5.) Keep the heat on in your home to a minimum of 55 degrees.

6.) Unhook those water hoses and allow the hose bibs to drip!!!  If you turn on a faucet and nothing comes out, leave the faucet on, and inspect the pipes for a break. If nothing appears broken you can attempt to thaw them out by using a hair dryer or space heater starting close to the faucet and working down to the coldest section of pipe. If you find a break, leave the faucet on, turn off the water to your home and give us a call!

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