HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter

As winter draws nearer, it’s time to think about whether your home is ready to face the cold weather. Your HVAC system’s performance is an essential aspect of having a comfortable home. A neglected HVAC system will be inefficient and costly, which will just end up causing you more stress. By taking a couple of hours out of your busy day to service your HVAC system, you can ensure a happy and healthy home for your family. 

Cover Your A/C Unit

When your air conditioning is not in use, it should be protected from outside factors that could cause damage. It’s best to cover your outdoor A/C unit with an air conditioning cover that shields only the top of the unit. If your A/C is left uncovered through the season, it’s an invitation for debris and winter weather to infiltrate the unit. Although outdoor A/C units are created to be durable throughout such circumstances, there’s always a chance internal components could sustain damage during harsh winters. Think about it — would you rather pay for an affordable cover or a costly repair or replacement?

Clean Air Filters

Caring for your air filters aren’t necessarily specific to winter maintenance (they should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis for economical filters), but we still feel it necessary to remind folks not to skip this step. Dirty filters restrict airflow, which prompts the HVAC system to work harder to produce more heat for your home, causing it to operate less efficiently and increase your energy bills. 

Check Your Insulation

You won’t have a high-performance HVAC system if you don’t have adequate insulation. Insulation helps keep both warm and cool air in your home, instead of letting it escape outside. The better equipped your home is, the less work your HVAC system has to put in. Check your attic to make sure you have sufficient insulation. If you’re unsure as to how much insulation your home requires, contact a Radiant Plumbing professional for a service visit. 

Reprogram the Thermostat

One of the best HVAC inventions is programmable or digital thermostats. Long gone are the days when you arrive to a cold house and freeze under three layers of blankets until the heat reaches your desired temperature. Now, you can program the system to turn on before your estimated time of arrival, so your home is comfortable by the time you get there. Now that the days are getting colder, it’s the perfect time to reprogram your digital thermostat. 

Analyze Whether You Need a Replacement

Infographic showing the symptoms that signal the end of life for a heating system

If your HVAC is showing any of these symptoms, you may be in store for a heating system replacement, available across Austin and San Antonio. Schedule an inspection to determine if your heating system is really ready to be replaced. 

Schedule an Inspection

Your HVAC system should get maintenance at least twice a year and now is the perfect time to service your heater. Call us at 833-656-4056 to learn more about Radiant Care Club maintenance plan that will help keep your heating & cooling – and plumbing, and drains, and filters – operating at their best.

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