Home Comfort Testing: The Key to a Successful A/C Install

Spring is sweeping across the city covering Austin in golden sun rays and fields of bluebonnets. Homeowners consider this an optimal time to get a head start on any necessary A/C repairs or replacements before summer arrives. The process for repair is pretty straightforward once the problem is diagnosed, but replacement is a completely different beast. When your home is needing an A/C replacement, this is where Home Comfort Testing becomes an essential tool.

Home Comfort Testing is a process in which an HVAC technician assesses the efficiency of your A/C unit and ductwork. This testing determines what the correct size of your A/C system should be as well as diagnosing any issues that may be hidden such as:

● Undersized ductwork on both the supply and return side causing the system to struggle.
● Duct leakage where air is escaping into unwanted areas such as the attic.
● Design flaws that may be causing inconsistent temperatures throughout the home.

This process helps to pinpoint the best size unit for your home while addressing issues that can be fixed to allow the system to have a longer lifespan.

How is Testing Conducted?

When looking to install a new A/C system, there are a multitude of variables that must be considered. These elements help us to find the right size unit for your living space. A unit that is too small or too big can cause issues such as inconsistent temperatures throughout the home, dehumidification issues, a constantly running system, higher than normal energy bills, growth forming inside the system and ducts, etc.. With this in mind, a Home Comfort specialist must factor in many important variables when sizing a new unit for your home by conducting a heat load calculation which is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units):

Variables to Consider

  • Square Footage of the Area the A/C Serves
  • Quality of Insulation
  • Tightness or Looseness of Home’s Structure
  • Ceiling Heights
  • The Quality, Quantity, and Placement of Windows

Anyone who has invested in buying a home can benefit from this test, however, it’s only necessary if you’re experiencing one or more of these scenarios:  you are purchasing a new A/C unit, if you believe rodents may have compromised the ductwork in your attic, if you have unusually high energy bills, or if you have issues with inconsistent temperatures throughout the home.

Home Comfort evaluations are a widely practiced HVAC science. It provides us with accurate calculations in order to give customers the proper equipment and fixes that will benefit them. By ensuring your unit is appropriately sized, it also guarantees maximum efficiency and saves you money in the long run.

Speaking of “comfort”, did you know that Radiant has a 5 Star team of Home Comfort Specialists?  If you’re preparing your home for the warm weather, be sure to get a Radiant Technician to stop by to evaluate your A/C unit.  Give us a call at (512) 263-9988 and we’ll send one of our specialists to your door.



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