Drain Cleaning in Austin: 4 Common Causes for Clogs

As one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the Austin area, we have almost two decades of experience of drain cleaning. And though we’re always happy to come to your home or business and unclog your drains, we know from experience that in many instances, customers could have prevented their drains from getting blocked it they’d known more about the causes of clogs. That’s why we want to take the opportunity to offer some information about maintaining a clog-free drain.

Drain Clogs: What Causes Them?

As professional plumbers, we spend a considerable amount of time thinking about drains. Most of our customers, however, don’t—and that’s the way it should be, because ideally, your drains should function properly. Unfortunately, the truth is that now and then, drains get clogged… and that’s unpleasant and unhygienic on so many levels!

In order to know how to avoid blocked drains, you need to know what the common causes are:

  • Bulky waste flushed down the drain. When you flush something bulky down the drain (for example diapers or vegetable waste) it’s only going to be a matter of time before the drain gets blocked. You can avoid this by never flushing paper, cloth, diapers, glass or metal down the drain. In addition, use your waste disposal to grind up bulky organic waste.
  • Build up of fat. Fat that gets poured into a drain separates from water and becomes solid when it cools. Over time, it builds up into clogs—or even “fatbergs,” as reported in this instance where an 11-ton block of fat broke a sewer in London, U.K. So no matter how much you like fried chicken, French fries or other fried foods, be sure to dispose of the fat appropriately: in a sealed container that can be disposed of as organic waste.
  • Tree roots. Tree roots work their way into drains to feed off the nutrients in the waste. As they grow, the end up blocking the drain. Avoid planting trees near any drains, or have them removed.
  • Damaged drains. Anything from construction to erosion can damage a drain, which can subsequently collapse, resulting in a blocked drain.

Call Radiant Plumbing

If you’re dealing with clogged drains, call Radiant Plumbing right away. And when your drain is working properly again, keep the above tips in mind so you can keep your drain in good working order.

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