Brad Featured on Austin’s Local Fox 7 News

Texas generally has gentle winters, with the exception of the past year. Austin has been experiencing more and more frozen plumbing issues. Check out our fearless leader, Brad, on Austin’s local Fox News on Channel 7 dropping some frozen pipe prevention knowledge on our chilly city. We have all been feeling the hurt from the winter weather as of late, but we can’t think of anyone better to teach the shivering masses how to avoid frozen or burst pipes than Brad.

As Casey, our friendly neighborhood Fox News reporter mentions at the top of the clip, when the temperatures dip south of freezing, we all need to be vigilant that the “4 P’s” are safe. For the record, that’s people, plants, pipes and pets – 4 of the most at risk things when cold weather strikes. Of course, Brad’s segment focuses on pipes. But it’s not that he doesn’t love people, plants, and pets too, it’s just that we all have our areas of expertise and Brad’s (as any Radiant customer will tell you) happens to be pipes!

So kick back, click play and learn how you can be better prepared next time freezing weather endangers the 4 P’s in your life!


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