Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement With Radiant

Cooling Specialist Christian Barlow Digs Deep Into Customer’s Options

Austin homeowners: Do you know what to do when your AC breaks down? The answer is simple: Call Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair.

When it comes to repairing and replacing your air conditioner, at Radiant we give our customers a wide range of options. We never just stick to one diagnosis.

Our expert cooling specialist, Christian Barlow, is here to provide a good idea of what those options are, and what you can expect from us.

The Radiant Way

When Barlow goes on an AC repair call, he said, the first thing he does is always troubleshoot. He will determine what your initial concern is and what exactly is causing those concerns.

But that’s not all he does.

Barlow said he also looks for any additional problems that you may not notice is happening with your system. Radiant does this, he said, because they know that addressing those issues will help improve the quality of life inside your home. Once they have narrowed down all the problems, they will fill you in on both the repair and replacement options you have.

Radiant’s AC Repair and Replacement Options

While the options differ on a case-to-case basis, Barlow said there are a few things he notices most frequently, especially during the summer months: water build up inside units that cause refrigerant leaks and corrosion, and due to that build up he often sees mold growth within the AC system.

When he comes across those common problems, he will generally offer four suggestions:

  1. “The first is to find and locate the leak and fix it.”
  2. “The second is to find and locate any possible additional leaks that could occur later down the road. And prevent those leaks as well as any other preventative measures.”
  3. “The third is to do a complete replacement of the leaking component.”
  4. “And the last after all those is a system replacement.”


Barlow said, “There is never an issue where complete system replacement is the only option. There are multiple issues, [however], that will cause that specific component to have to be replaced.”

So why suggest replacement at all? Because, Barlow said, it could be a smart financial investment.

“I would suggest system replacement,” he explained, “once the buy back on an energy efficient system is equivalent to the monthly payment on a finance option.”

In short, this means that if your energy savings will buy off your new unit, it makes sense to upgrade.

When It’s Time to Call Radiant

Barlow explained that if you have high energy bills, if you see condensate or water build up on the AC grills inside your bedrooms, or if there are any allergy issues in the home, it’s worth a call.

He said, “Any of those indicate that they have severe issues with their system so we need to come and take a look at it.”

So, listen to our expert Christian and call Radiant for your AC repair and replacement needs. The hot weather isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we. Call us today!