Is an AC Tune-Up Necessary?

Yes, it is completely necessary! Most people think that they can skip their annual air conditioning service because their AC looks and functions just fine. That is not the case! Especially not in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas where the hot climate demands 110% out of your air conditioner all day, every day. Ignoring your AC service may not only put you at risk of needing an emergency AC repair, but it could also void your appliance’s warranty. Learn more about AC tune-ups here!

What are the Benefits of an AC Tune-Up?

What Does an AC Tune-Up Include?

An air conditioning tune-up by a reputable HVAC company should include a thorough examination of the exterior and interior AC units. At Radiant Plumbing, we conduct a full visual inspection, detailed cleaning, and necessary testing. We’ll even perform your air conditioning repairs if need be! Here’s what you can expect from one of our AC tune-ups: 

  • Air filter check
  • Check blower wheel balance and motion
  • Tighten blower mounts and set screws 
  • Check that wire connections are tight and insulation is intact
  • Check blower and motor amperage
  • Visually inspect inside air handler (if easily accessible)
  • Confirm operational output temperature for split indoor coil
  • Visually inspect drain and coil, making sure they’re not damaged and free of major obstruction
  • Visually inspect interior coil condenser (if easily accessible)
  • Confirm electrical wiring, connectors, and insulation are all intact
  • Check amperage draw on condenser fan motor is within specifications
  • Check amperage draw on condenser fan motor is within specifications 
  • Inspect for evidence of leaks near lineset and connections
  • Check refrigerant levels are within specifications

By the end of your service, your air conditioner will look and work like it’s brand new. You won’t have to worry about having it break down in the middle of the summer.

How Often Should I Tune-Up My AC?

A professional heating and cooling technician should service your air conditioner at least once a year, even if your AC doesn’t exhibit any major problems. The point of an AC tune-up is to address the wear and tear it has suffered since its last service. Repairing small problems now will help your AC run smoothly come summertime, lower your cooling costs, and avoid extensive future damages. We recommend scheduling your AC tune-up in the spring — right before your air conditioner kicks into high gear. 

How Long Does an AC Tune-Up Take?

If the HVAC company you’ve hired is advertising a 15- to 20-minute tune-up, they’re not taking the time to perform a full inspection. A thorough AC service should last about an hour, provided the air conditioner doesn’t require any extra repairs. Each repair will require additional time to complete. 

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