5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Plumber

Plumbing service is an inevitability for homeowners. Sooner or later, you will require installation, maintenance or replacement. When that day comes, you’ll be reminded that a service call is a two-way street. Your participation can be integral to the success of the plumbing visit. You can prepare ahead of time and take certain actions during the visit itself to improve your overall experience.

Know The Basics

You call the plumber for a reason. He’s the expert and you’re not. But understanding a few basics of the trade can give you a head start. You can take action to prevent serious damage while you wait for his arrival. Ahead of your next plumbing visit, familiarize yourself with the following: 

In addition to these essentials, it’s important to have other bits of information at the ready: 

  • When was your plumbing and/or water heater last serviced?
  • What’s a rough estimate of the age of your water heater?
  • Have you had any major plumbing problems in recent years at this property?

Ask The Right Questions

Now that you’re caught up on the basics, let’s move on to the plumbing visit itself. Once they arrive, the plumber will ask you lots of questions to determine what the problem is. You are encouraged to return the favor. Try to get an idea of what the best and worst case scenarios are, and the costs associated with them. Asking the right questions of the plumber will help manage expectations. Also keep in mind that you have a walking, talking plumbing dictionary right in front of you to take advantage of! If you’re unclear about any of the basics listed above, ask away! The internet can be a great resource, but nothing beats hearing special insights straight from a technician with years of experience.

Let Them Do Their Job

After discussing your plumbing issues with the technician and once you are clear on what the game plan is, it’s important to let them get on with it. Resist the urge to hover. No one is able to do their best work when their every move is being scrutinized. Plumbers are friendly, chatty folks — if they need help or any more information, they’ll call you over! Remember that you hired this person to diagnose and fix your problem. All you need to do now is trust in their ability to get the job done. Making the right choice when comparing plumbing companies can also give you peace of mind. Seek out a reputable home service provider with stellar customer reviews and a proven track record of dedicated customer service.

It’s OK To Be Honest

Letting a stranger in your home to inspect your plumbing system can be a daunting prospect. Many feel uneasy letting someone poke around their pipes and drains, uncovering their deepest, darkest plumbing secrets. But plumbers really need all the information they can get straight from the source — you. This is especially true when it comes to timeframes. If you started noticing signs of plumbing problems a year ago, you will need to disclose that. Knowing when exactly symptoms first occurred can be a crucial piece of information needed to crack the code and diagnose your plumbing problem. Another example of where full disclosure will be of benefit to you is the fatal flush. Have you been flushing items down your toilet that are not technically “flushable?” Let them know! It’s important to remember that the plumber is on your side. They’re trying to quickly diagnose your problem with maximum accuracy and then offer solutions, not pass judgement. Think of your service call as a doctor’s appointment. There’s no such thing as oversharing. Every bit of information you can provide gives the plumber more to work with.

Don’t Have Them Over

That’s right! Some minor plumbing problems can be addressed through a quick FaceTime call with a professional. At Radiant Plumbing and Air, we offer virtual visits from plumbers who can visually inspect the homeowner’s system, diagnose problems, and offer suggestions. If it’s determined that the issue can be handled by the homeowner themselves, the plumber will talk them through a DIY fix. The plumbing industry is becoming more and more professional and technologically advanced by the year. But two recent events have exacerbated this trend. The first is obviously COVID-19. Radiant had to adopt new safety protocols seemingly overnight in early 2020 and we felt the need to innovate further. Our team members were already equipped with iPads and smartphones, but this was the first time they used their devices to communicate face to face with customers. You can say our techs are tech-savvy. The second is the winter storm that devastated much of Texas in February 2021. Our teams were prevented from getting to customers amid widespread plumbing breakdowns caused by plummeting temperatures. During this episode, we reached out directly to customers to remind them of this service and offered relief any way we could. Many took us up on the offer. To schedule a virtual plumbing visit today, customers can simply call or fill out our contact form as normal.

Trust the Best Plumbers in Texas

Radiant is Austin and San Antonio’s #1 in plumbing service. We’ve been serving local communities across Central Texas for more than 20 years. Our ever expanding service area covers Austin, San Antonio, and neighborhoods everywhere in between. If you need plumbing repair, you need it now. Call Radiant today for swift service!


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