Avoiding the Fatal Flush

You can’t even imagine the things that plumbers have cleared out of toilets! Yes, we know how convenient it is to flush your q-tip, cotton ball, or baby wipe down the toilet. It’s quick, easy, and all it takes is one push down of a lever. While this may seem like a good alternative to the trash can, common items that would seem “harmless” to flush down may actually be putting your system at risk by clogging and damaging your pipes as well as causing pollution – should it end up in the city’s water system.

What You Can do to Save Your Toilet

To save you thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs while giving a little back to the environment, we’re sharing this handy list of common household items you should not throw down the toilet:


  • Tampons – They are meant to absorb, not breakdown in water. So when you flush one of these items, they just expand, causing blockage.
  • Dental Floss – It is not biodegradable. When flushed down the toilet it can wrap itself around other objects in the pipes and worsen blockages.
  • Baby Wipes Wipes are not biodegradable either, so they can cause serious problems and sometimes end up in the ocean and land on our beaches. Even flushable baby wipes take longer to break down than toilet paper. Rather than breaking down rapidly, they can start clogs and blockages.
  • Cotton Balls & Q-Tips –  Both items are made from cotton and do not break down as fast as you think. You’ll find that these items may get stuck. This may cause a build up in the “U” shaped pipes, ultimately causing a major clog.
  • Hair – Just like dental floss, hair creates a web that catches everything. This results in…  you guessed it, a big clog.
  • Cooking Grease– It congeals when it cools, which means it’ll do the same in your pipes, causing them to backup.
  • Food – Although human waste is just food in another form, the rules of the restroom are not the same. Undigested food will cause clogs and blockages throughout your home.
  • Paper TowelsThis item isn’t made to be flushed down the toilet. It doesn’t dissolve in water nearly as well as toilet paper due to the thickness of it.
Avoiding the Fatal Flush

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For a more detailed list, visit the online resource “Think Before You Flush”, an organization bringing awareness to how improper flushing impacts the environment.

We don’t think about the repercussions until the day we experience a chaotic plumbing issue that hits home and your wallet. From toys, to jewelry, to paper towels, plumbers have seen it all, and it ain’t pretty. Educate your family on what not to put into the toilet and preserve the life of your home’s plumbing.

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