5 Tips to Cut Down on Your Air Conditioning Bill In Austin This Summer

We all know that Texas summers are brutally hot, and with temperatures regularly over 100 degrees, the costs of air conditioning in Austin can skyrocket in July and August. However, with some planning and a bit of common sense, you can take measures to reduce your AC bill this year.

Here are our HVAC team’s top tips for saving cash on air conditioning:

  1. Get your AC serviced. An appliance that doesn’t function properly will consume more energy than one that works perfectly. Make sure to get your AC serviced before the really warm weather arrives in order to have it functioning in the most energy-efficient manner.
  2. Program your thermostat. If you’re at work all day, there’s absolutely no need to run your AC. Program your AC to a comfortable 70 degrees or so when you’re home, but let the temperature rise when the house is empty. Important: if you have pets that stay alone in the home while you’re at work, you should always ensure a cool enough room temperature to prevent them from sometimes fatal overheating!
  3. Install window films. These are metallic-like sheets placed over the glass that deflect the sunrays before they can heat the home. Less effective, but still functional, are solar screens that absorb as much as two-thirds of the heat before it can reach the interior.
  4. Create shade. Granted, this takes some planning, but it’s effective nonetheless: plant large, leafy shrubs and trees around the home. The more shade they cast on the structure, the less the interior heats up.
  5. Use fans. Strategically placed fans—even floor fans—help create a draught and move the cool air around the home.

When to Call the HVAC Specialist

To keep your AC functioning properly, you’re best advised to get it serviced once a year. However, if you notice that it’s not cooling properly, or if there are other signs it’s malfunctioning, just call your trusted HVAC specialist at Radiant. We’ll assess the damage and suggest a cost-effective course of action to get your home comfortably cool again.

So don’t sweat it: call Radiant!