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Water Softening

This Isn’t Hard… Your Water Shouldn’t Be Either.

In Texas climates like ours, water softening systems significantly help reduce levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These “hard” chemical compounds bond easily to metal pipes and shower heads and cause real plumbing problems. Radiant’s pro plumbers are here to help with quality water softening solutions.

Our Water Softening Services

From installing new filtration systems to maintaining or repairing existing softening solutions, Radiant is your trusted source for water softeners in Austin and San Antonio.


Whether your Austin or San Antonio home is new, or just new to you, we can make sure you have a quality water softening system.

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Maintenance and Repair

Keep your water softener in top shape to protect your existing pipes and fixtures from potential major issues.

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Water Testing

Sometimes, hard water mineral build-up is obvious. We can test for problems you can’t see with your own eyes.

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Clear Signs You Need a Water Softener

  • Mineral build-up around faucets or shower heads
  • Laundry is stiff or starchy after washing
  • Soap “scum” on tile, faucets, or shower walls
  • Skin irritation after rinsing
  • Dull, dry hair after showering
  • Excessive mineral taste to water

Consistent 5-Star Service

Thousands of customers across central Texas give our best-in-class service a 5-star review. See for yourself why Radiant has been voted the best in plumbing and water softener service.

Trust Radiant’s Water Softener Experts

Need water filtration systems installed, repaired, or tested? There’s plenty we can help with.

  • Line blockages
  • Salt bridges / mushing
  • Resin beads
  • Motor maintenance or repair

For water softener service in Austin and San Antonio, we’ve got you covered.

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