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Radiant Community Service

Help Your Favorite Local Austin Charity Receive a Radiant Donation


At Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning we believe in doing what we can for the community. So we established our COMMUNITY SERVICE program where we support worthy causes by donating to Local Austin 501(c)3 Non-Profits!  Its our way of trying to give back and make a REAL change in our local communities.

This all started years ago when Brad and Sarah made the commitment to regularly give back to the people of Austin for always being such loyal and supportive customers of Radiant Plumbing & Heating – since then, Radiant has assisted dozens of local charities and families with charitable donations and participation. You can see some examples of Radiant’s charity work below, or go to our Facebook page  to see more posts of Radiant’s Community Service in action!


Past Winners

August 2018

Charity: Water

We bought a well!!!

Radiant recently funded an entire well for a community in Ethiopia. This is just our first, and there are more to come. Sarah and I are so proud to be able to take our charitable efforts global. Giving back was a part of our dream when we started Radiant, and now, almost 20 years later, we get to reach outside of Austin, and benefit the world. 663 MILLION people do not have access to clean water, and have to drink water that makes them sick. Being in the plumbing business, this is a mission that is dear to our hearts. Our well will be placed in a community that not only helps keep them healthy, but is saves them massive amounts of TIME. Thousands of hours per year are spend carrying dirty water from their source to their homes. This work is normally delegated to the women, and young girls.

Having easy access to clean water creates opportunities for the young ladies to go to school. Clean water transforms communities. It changes everything. You should feel amazing about this because WE did it together! Being a Radiant customer makes these efforts possible. We are currently seeking an organization that combats human trafficking, or is involved on the recovery side. If you have any recommendations of organizations doing good work around this topic, please send them our way.

June 2018

APA! (Austin Pets Alive!)

The Radiant Team is proud to present ​Austin Pets Alive!​ with a donation toward their amazing efforts to protect Austin’s animals! This year, on top of the free and discounted services we regularly provide for them, Radiant made a commitment to donate $250 from every A/C unit sale to the APA! organization. Brad & Sarah would like to thank all of their customers who use Radiant services as well as those who’s purchase helped to offer continued support to APA! and the Austin Community!

January 2018

APA! (Austin Pets Alive!)

It is such an honor to continue our support of APA! (Austin Pets Alive!) by donating free and discounted services. We started our work with APA! in the fall of 2014, and just renewed our commitment for this year. APA! has done amazing things for Austin by saving pets that would not be alive without them, and linking them up with people that need a loyal furry companion. We believe in giving back to the community and APA! is such a fun, easy group to want to help. They are always in need of support. If you have any interest in helping them out, or are in need of a new pet, check them out on Facebook​ (


Hurricane Irma Search and Rescue

As a means to support the relief effort in South Texas, Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning gathered supplies from their employees and went further to ask Austin residents to donate non-perishable food, bottled water, blankets, and tools.

After her involvement with Hurricane Harvey, Sarah, co-owner of Radiant, stepped forward to offer her experience in dispatching. Our customer management software provider, “Service Titan”, gifted us a temporary account that is all loaded up for this event. With the use of Radiant software she was able to create an organized volunteer dispatching system for rescuing people. The system Sarah has created offers a way to dispatch, track, verify, and eliminate multiple rescuers showing up to the same site, or an previously cleared site. She has been deep in communications with leaders of Florida Irma Search and Rescue (formerly Harvey Search and Rescue), and has been building a dispatching schedule to help get volunteer rescue workers to people in need.

Sarah was also involved with the awesome organization “Texas Search and Rescue”, and even got out there in a boat to help do home searches. It is amazing to see the volunteers, and the massive amounts of effort that people are willing to provide. The big takeaway was the lack of ability to visualize rescuers in relationship to the rescue requests & have a coordinated effort with several rescue operations for dispatch. Thank you to our volunteers!

June 2016

APA! (Austin Pets Alive!)

We are proud to announce that we have formalized our commitment to Austin Pets Alive! (APA!). We have been steadily donating work on their many plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and drain maintenance projects since November of 2014. As we spent more time with the APA! staff, we have been amazed with their dedication to the mission of running a large scale no kill-shelter. They are absolutely leaders in the nation in this pursuit. We want to do our part! Radiant is committing to support them with free maintenance to keep the buildings running at top notch performance. We have pledged 15,000.00 of improvements for the next 12 months.

How can you help? Cash is always needed for a gritty non-profit. Information on APA!, and donation links can be found here. ​

And obviously you should go down there and get your next pet! Lots of awesome best friends waiting to be adopted.

October 2014

The Settlement Home

Settlement Home 1

We love a worthy cause, and when we can help them more than once we are more than happy to.  We decided to give to the cause that was our first recipient of our Community Service donation.

The Settlement Home for Children has an annual charity garage sale that helps to fund them for the next year. It is a huge sale without the help of all of their volunteers, it wouldn’t be what it is today. If you have any gently used items that you have been wanting to donate or sell, consider just giving the items to Settlement Home for next years fundraiser!

September 2014

Troops to Trades

Troops for trades

Normally, we give our donation to a local charity. We have to make an exception this month. I recently met a recipient of a Troops to Trades scholarship. This guy found that his 15 years of military service didn’t leave him with skills that employers were looking for.  Months went by, and his family was in serious hardship. Troops to Trades paid his way through training, and helped him get a job as an A/C tech. He is loving his job, and has his life back on track. Most people don’t know, but there is an unbelievable shortage of skilled tradesmen. Plumbers, HVAC techs, Electricians, the numbers are steadily declining. Troops to trades solves two problems, and is an awesome resource for our veterans who are needing help with their next mission in life.

August 2014

Kyle Latham

Radiant not only helps non-profits and individuals in need around town, they also help their own employees.  Our Marketing Manager and Charity Coordinator, Kyle Latham, had a bad accident that resulted in having to have extensive knee surgery to replace all of the ligaments and tendons that were ripped in the knee as well as re-secure the fractured patella.  Before the surgery center was able to do the procedure, his deductible had to be met.  Radiant stepped in and helped contribute to this need so he could get back on his feet.

“I have been coordinating the Community Service program since we started it this past year.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and support that I have found within my Radiant Family.  I have never worked for a company who actually cares so much.  I am so blessed to be employed by Brad and Sarah and hope that they know how much they are appreciated and valued.  I am working everyones dream job.”  Kyle said.

July 2014

Texas Little Conservationists, Lean on Me, Austin Community Foundation, and Doc and Gayle Young Food Drive

July gave us an opportunity to help out various small projects that our employees pointed out or were involved in.

  1. We got to help sponsor a preschool fundraiser at Texas Little Conservationists! This childcare and preschool won our hearts with its mission to provide enriching experiences for children that encourage curiosity and foster the Future of Texas.
  2. Radiant also contributed supplies to Lean On Me, a mission to give toiletries to the homeless people of Austin.
  3. In addition, we were able to also contribute to the Austin Community Foundation. For more than 35 years, the Austin Community Foundation has helped improve the quality of life of Central Texans.  Through grants made to more than 1,000 non-profit organizations in our community, they have touched all aspects of life from A (the arts) to Z (Zilker Park).  They do not do this alone; by making your contribution to this fund, you can join us in helping to make our community better today and in the future.
  4. Finally, we were also able to give to the Doc and Gayle Young Food Drive to help the fund delivering Thanksgiving meals in November.

June 2014

Wonders & Worries

Helping Hands

We were so impressed by the work that Wonders & Worries does we didn’t want the May donation of $500 to be all they got.  So we decided to make them our June winner as well.  They are working toward a goal of offering their services nationwide at some point but for now they are still focusing their valiant efforts here in Austin.  Their mission is a simple yet very important one: to help children cope when a parent faces serious or life-threatening illness.

They provide therapy service to children and families free of charge.  If you know a family that is in need please contact them so they can get the help they deserve.

Read more.


May 2014

Wonders & Worries and the Dell Children’s Miracle Network


This month we decided to split our donation between two great causes that both center around the health and well-being of children. Wonders & Worries and the Dell Children s Miracle Network.

Wonders & Worries was founded in 2001 by Meredith Cooper and Melissa Hicks. Since inception, they have helped more than 5,000 children and their parents and over 1,250 Central Texas families.


April 2014

Joyful Horse Project


The VETS team is comprised of returning combat veterans and their family members who participate in a six-week program designed to forge connections and build bonds of trust with abused and neglected horses.

Veteran coaches provide peer-to-peer camaraderie and assistance to other veteran participants — helping them gain the trust and respect of the horse.

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March 2014

We decided to focus our  Community Service efforts on something a little different. Instead of a local Non-Profit, our dedication went to a deserving family in the area.

We were contacted by a gentleman that had heard our radio ads and wanted to do something to help out one of his coworkers, but didn’t know what to do. The family that he talked to us about was a husband and wife with a beautiful little girl. After company restructuring, the husband was left with a significantly lower pay rate accompanied by the same workload and hours.

Read More.


February 2014

Catalyst Teen Center

photo 1

Our February Radiant’s Community Service Donation Went to the Great Folks at Catalyst Teen Center in North Austin.

Their mission is to create a challenging training ground for young leaders in our community and inspire them to make a real impact. They believe that developing the gifts of each teenager is vital to their success in life. Their goal is to send students into the world who are confident in their identity, are willing to make sacrificial risks for those in need, and who can endure hardship for the sake of something greater than themselves.

Read More.


December 2013

Central Texas SPCA

Radiant December winner

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning has chosen the Central Texas SPCA as its donation recipient for December. We love to be able to help worthwhile causes in our communities and this organization gives back in a big way!

They are a non-euthanasia (no-kill) facility that takes in animals until it can not fit or care for any more due to limited resources and/or space. They only employ one full time employee and the rest of the work done there comes from volunteer work.

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November 2013

Austin Disaster Relief Network


This month, Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning has decided to choose a nominee who has gone above and beyond to help our friends, family, and neighbors in the Onion Creek area after the Oct 30th flash flood.

Onion creek rose a record 41 feet overnight into the morning of Halloween. Austin Disaster Relief Network jumped into action as soon as news broke that the area had been hit by a  flood that left over 1700 homes flooded. Per their website: “The Austin Disaster Relief Network is comprised of churches, ministries and businesses within the Christian community of Greater Austin to form a disaster relief alliance to help those in need in times of disaster.” Radiant is very happy to be able to help with this effort.

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October 2013

Shadow Cats

Shadow Cats

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning would like to congratulate our second donation recipient, Shadow Cats Rescue of Round Rock. As a recipient of our Community Service Charity outreach program, they will be able to provide more care and continue with the expansion plans that they already have underway.  They are a local Austin non-profit that was created out of love for the cats that were seen all around town that until now were “left in the shadows.” Read More

September 2013


The Settlement Home for Children


The Settlement Home for Children has been a part of Austin for almost 100 years.  A group of women started The Settlement Home in 1916 as a day nursery for impoverished working families.  Soon after, it was turning into a residential facility for children.  The Settlement Home now has several programs: a Residential Treatment Center, Group Home Program, Transitional Living Program and Foster and Adoption Program.  The children who live here have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.  The Home provides a place for children to live, therapy, schooling at our on campus charter school, medical care and activities… Read More

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