Furnace Repair in Austin, TX

We’re nearing the end of winter, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Is your heating system built to last? Most furnaces only have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, and that is with proper maintenance. In order to avoid furnace failure, you’ll need to know the signs of a struggling heating system and make the call to Radiant Heating for furnace repair.

Why Get Furnace Repair?

As we all know, a broken furnace won’t heat your home. Winters in Austin can be pretty cold and sometimes snowy (as you know by now!), and you definitely don’t want to come home after work to freezing cold rooms or a broken thermostat. Plus, broken furnaces have to work a lot harder to reach desired temperatures, so if you have a furnace in disrepair you’ll see your heating bills go up every month. But what’s more important than saving money or even having heat is being safe, and having an old or broken down furnace can be a serious safety risk. Why? Because furnaces produce heat by burning fuel, and the byproduct gasses of that combustion can be dangerous: in fact, old furnaces are known to create carbon monoxide, an invisible and odorless gas that is known as the “silent killer.”

5 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Luckily, there are ways to tell if you need furnace repair These are some simple checks and warning signs to look for in order to tell if you need to call for furnace repair.

  1. Poor Air Quality– Are your having allergies out of season? It could be because you need duct cleaning! If your ventilation for your HVAC system hasn’t been maintenanced in a while, it can collect dust and other contaminants that get distributed through the air.
  2. Loud Sounds– Not every furnace can be whisper-quiet, but it also shouldn’t be making banging sounds or other strange noises during normal operation.
  3. Temperatures Not Matching Thermostat– Should you notice that your home feels colder or warmer than the temperature on your thermostat, it may not be your thermostats problem. Sometimes, when a furnace is old enough, it fails to produce the proper temperatures even though it is burning the same amount of fuel.
  4. Uneven Heating Between Rooms– If you experience insufficient heat or heat that is unevenly balanced between different rooms, you may have issues with your ventilation or your insulation. Either way, you should have a professional come and perform a check up on your furnace.
  5. Higher-than-Average Bills– Have your heating bills been going up each month? It could be because the weather is getting colder…or there may be something wrong. If you start to notice a huge jump in the price of your energy bills, consider an inspection.

Remember, furnace issues tend to get worse over time, so act quickly! Call Radiant Heating for furnace repair in Austin today.

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