Why is There a Toilet in Our Window?

Window display at Radiant Plumbing featuring Harry Potty theme

Back in 2007, when Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning first moved into our historic 2908 San Gabriel location, our founder, Brad Casebier was inspired to put something plumbing-related in the north-facing window to show off our services. There happened to be a toilet handy, so he tossed that toilet in the window and went for a drive to take a look.

What did he see? We’ll let Brad tell you himself. “There was something terribly wrong and out of place about seeing that toilet in the window like that. I decided in that moment that there would always be a toilet in the window at Radiant.”

A few months later, Brad threw a scarf around the base of the toilet. All of a sudden, it wasn’t just a toilet. It became a character, and it has been ever since.

According to Brad, “When I worked in that location daily, I would change it about every four weeks. After seven or so years of window displays with ZERO repeats, my brain sort of broke on window display ideas. Now, they tend only to get changed out every two months or so, but we still love our part in keeping Austin a little bit weird.”

That wacky window display exemplifies the company culture that makes Radiant incredible. Sure, we’re here when our customers need a furnace repair in Austin, TX, or our community needs a hand. But we always find enough time for side projects like toilet wakeboarding or building and racing toilet karts.

Right Now, We’re Hiring…

…and we need to find the right folks for this one-of-a-kind company. You’ve got to be a people-person with a can-do attitude. You need to be experienced, hardworking, and willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Of course, the Radiant team is willing to go the extra mile for you, too. We offer the best pay plan in town. That includes a workweek that’s around 42 hours, offering outstanding benefits and flexibility for when life happens.

At Radiant, we believe that happy employees lead to happy customers, whether they need a heating system replacement in Westlake Hills or an emergency plumber in Round Rock.

Are you interested in joining the Radiant team? Take a look at our current openings and keep an eye out for the toilet in our window!

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