Radiant Plumbing Talks About Water Jetting in Austin

Drain clogs are far from being uncommon. At some point, every homeowner will probably experience one. However, if you find your drains becoming clogged on a regular basis, then you might want to consider water jetting. Water jetting is a method of drain cleaning that includes using a powerful stream of water that is directed at the source of your clog in an attempt to clean and clear out your clogged pipes.

Benefits of Water Jetting

Water jetting offers homeowners several benefits over other methods of clearing clogged drains. A few benefits of water jetting include:

Long-lasting results: The majority of drain cleaning methods will simply clear a hole through your blockage to restore the flow of water. This will work for a little while, but because the blockage is still partially in tact, it will eventually build up and block your drain once again. Having your drains water jetted will completely clear out your pipes, leaving no residue behind and virtually no chance of a blockage returning in the future. Not only will you have cleaner drains, thanks to water jetting, but you won’t have to think about them any longer.

Saves time and money: Due to the fact that the water jetting process will completely clean out your pipes, your drains will likely not have to get cleaned again for quite some time. A longer time between cleanings means fewer visits from your plumber, leaving you with more money in your wallet or pocket book to save on other things. Additionally, you will have a peace of mind, knowing that you do not have to worry as much about your sinks and shower drains.

Good for the environment: While most other drain cleaning methods use chemicals that can harm your pipes in the long run, water jetting uses plain water. By using nothing but water, this will be better for your pipes because it reduces the likelihood that your pipes will be prone to corrosion. Additionally, water jetting is better for the environment because there are no chemical residues being used that could seep into ground water, harming wildlife in the process.

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