Space Plumbers

When I think of my children’s future, there are a few carers that any parent could be proud of. We all have this American ideal in mind. You know, astronauts, doctors, the president, and of course plumbers. Well, some lucky guys get to do it all. Take for instance Nicholas J. M. Patrick, and Robert Behnken. These guys are United States astronauts, Ph.D, and now Space Plumbers. Not too bad, I’ll bet there are some proud moms out there. Well they got the opportunity to do a space walk, and do some plumbing on the space station. How cool is that? News reports on space plumbing.

(This really does sound like a job for Radiant Man)

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This an interesting link that explains how some of the plumbing works in space. Very interesting what the lack of gravity can do to your system, and design. Brad Casebier Radiant Plumbing Service Austin Texas

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