Radiant’s Safety Tips to Essential Business Leaders

Essential businesses are faced with some tough decisions during these challenging times. At Radiant, the trusted HVAC and plumbing service company for Central Texas homeowners, we have succeeded in providing outstanding services without compromising the health and safety of our employees or clients. We would like to share these safety tips with other home service contractors and essential businesses. 

Our founder and owner, Brad Casebier, believes that the starting point should be the safety of your team. Read his thoughts in this press release.

Follow the Three Principles 

The team at Radiant has been able to deliver exceptional HVAC and plumbing services to Central Texas residents and beyond, even during this most difficult time, by following Casebier’s three principles. These tips helped establish a new and effective routine that guided Radiant through the turbulent initial weeks of the pandemic. We hope it will be as useful for other essential businesses looking to improve their operations amid the COVID-19 outbreak as it was for us!

Be Prepared: Although none of us could have seen a pandemic of this magnitude coming, the key to forging ahead is staying informed and quickly taking the necessary steps and precautions. As soon as Casebier learned of the severity of the coronavirus, he took action. All of our field technicians and office staff received training on the new digital equipment we would rely on to communicate with our customers. Even as an essential business, Radiant was able to implement a work-from-home model because all of our employees have access to cloud computing, which we use for dispatch, scheduling, meetings, sales, and service. 

Be Present: Strong leadership is one of the most important assets you can provide to your team during a time of crisis. As such,  Casebier strongly believes that “leadership should be available and accessible.” Employees depend on their leaders to make important decisions that set a path of success for the whole company. Be the leader your employees can count on by being available and staying connected. At Radiant, we rely on video calls to inform the team of new developments. This also helps to build trust and confidence between the whole team. 

Be Proactive: You can’t get ahead of a critical situation without having the necessary information to develop your next course of action. Casebier was vigilant in gathering intel from public officials and listening to his employees’ concerns as he was proactively planning out the company’s next steps. After distributing personal protective equipment to all field technicians, a medical professional was invited to train everyone on how to wear this gear properly. 

Casebier believes that “you can’t overdo safety precautions in this situation.” We have made the safety of our technicians and office staff the number one priority at Radiant. We urge all essential businesses to do the same. 

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a plumbing or an air conditioning repair service in Austin or San Antonio, don’t hesitate to call Radiant today 833-656-4056.

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