A Heartwarming Contribution to an Austin Family’s Well-being

Radiant Helping Hands Supports a Local Family

This month we decided to focus our Radiant Helping Hands efforts on something a little different. Instead of a local Non-Profit, our dedication went to a deserving family in the area.

We were contacted by a gentleman that had heard our radio ads and wanted to do something to help out one of his coworkers, but didn’t know what to do. The family that he talked to us about was a husband and wife with a beautiful little girl. After company restructuring, the husband was left with a significantly lower pay rate accompanied by the same workload and hours.

Not long after this blow to their family’s finances, their air conditioning unit started acting up and would eventually stop working altogether. Last May they tried to do a “band-aid fix” on it and had some Freon added to the unit. This helped it out for a while, but ultimately resulted in their system being shot.

They spent last summer with window A/C units that were extremely expensive and inefficient. After getting through the summer, dealing with the resulting energy bill, and still trying to make ends meet they got more bad news. His wife was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after getting a painful knot checked out that formed under her right arm.  She has undergone 6 rounds of chemo and has spent all of that time in a home without central air conditioning.

When we found this out we were so moved that we knew we had to act.  Two of our amazing vendors, Lennox Industries and Johnstone Supply, were more than happy to donate some of the equipment that it would take to install a new system for this deserving family. We decided to cover the rest of the cost and proceeded to install a high efficiency Lennox HVAC unit in their home with an additional GPS2400 air purification unit. That additional unit will help to keep the house clean by killing viruses, bacteria, and mold that the air from their system touches. It successfully kills, H1N1, H5N1, MRSA, STAPH, SARS, and e.Coli to name a few. We wanted to give her immune system the best chance possible to recover from the chemo that she went through.

We asked her if she could give us a recount of her story so that it could hopefully help someone reading it by teaching them about this disease and the signs you need to watch for. Read her story here.

A post from her Facebook page shows that its the small things that you can do for someone that can help ease the bigger burdens in their lives: “Feeling incredibly blessed these days. I am still overwhelmed with the generosity in people. There are not enough thank you cards in the world to describe how grateful we are for everything.”

We thought it was good to share her story to hopefully help others out so they can get checked out when they find any abnormality that they might have otherwise overlooked. Please take the time to do something positive for a stranger. You will never know greater joy than helping a fellow human being. Just keep your motives pure with no expectations other than hopefully making them happy. Pay it forward.

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